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09 February 2008 @ 11:37 am
Scribbles wants us to do ping and tracert tests when TSR doesn't work for us, because she's trying to gather enough evidence to convince her web-hosts that there's a problem. I offered to make a tutorial on How To Ping And Tracert, and here it is! Click on the teeny images to see the larger versions. for OS Windows XPCollapse )

Also, when you get a timeout error, or any other error, trying to load TSR, take a screenshot! Screenshots on a Windows OS can be taken by pressing either Alt (in one of the bottom corners of the keyboard) and "PrtSc" or "Print Screen" (usually in the top right corner somewhere), or simply by pressing "PrtSc"/"Print Screen". Apparently the web hosts are refusing to believe that anything is wrong and require pictorial evidence to convince.
29 April 2006 @ 11:31 pm
Welcome to

The Spork Room

What is a spork room you ask? The spork room is a writer's haven for all who need a supportive environment. Share your greatest successes, your most annoying moments, and your daily struggles. An army of sporks awaits your beckoning signal. You'll find the chance to word war with fellow members (but be advised that such things are highly addictive). You'll also find snips to read, writing challenges to try, and insanity aplenty. If hugs and chocolate make you nervous, this is not the community for you. We don't allow you to be hard on yourself.

This is a closed community. Leave us a message if you wish to be added to this vibrant community!

Once you a member, please be sure to read the guidelines found on our profile before posting. The moderators thank you!
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